Real Students. Real Passions. Real Engagement.

Our targeted community of university students are genuine people with a huge range of passions and interests – who better to share about your brand? Our platform connects you with relevant nano-influencers to promote your brand based on age, location, interests and more.

Don’t put all your budget into a few social media celebs. Thousands of nano influencers working together can create a broader reach and make a bigger impact – for less money.


Our student influencers are real people with genuine relationships with their peers, ensuring considerably higher engagement rates than traditional influencer marketing.


From sharing or creating content, to simple market research, to enlisting Student Brand Ambassadors, our student influencers are able to adapt to your needs.


We manage the entire process, from campaign conceptualisation and influencer outreach to post-campaign reporting.


Our campaigns don’t just claim to be more effective, the data shows it too. All our campaigns come with post-campaign reporting to objectively showcase the impact we created.

Connecting brands to real people with real connections.

The influencer marketing landscape is extremely saturated, and all utilise the same databases. Pandan Influencers specialises in a unique target audience with better engagement rates, stronger relationships, and better brand loyalty.

Connect with the most influential online community

Our database is constantly being updated as more university students enrol and graduate. Having direct access to this database with Pandan Influencers means that your brand can consistently target the most tech-savvy and digitally influential demographic.

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