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Once the job has been completed, you will be able to withdraw your earnings.

We help students use their social pages and network of friends to earn money.

Whether you want to be an “influencer” or not, being registered with Pandan Influencers is a gateway for you to interact with brands you’re passionate about and to get paid. From simply posting an Instagram Story, to being a full-fledged Brand Ambassador, we have something that’ll work for you.

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Fill in the form and tell us more about yourself. When there are job openings, we’ll match you with brands and campaigns you want to work with.
We will provide you with a campaign brief. Each brief will clearly explain the campaign deliverables, and how much you get paid for completing the job. It’s up to you whether you accept the job.
Once you accept the brief, we’ll get you to sign a very basic agreement. After that, it’s over to you to complete the brief within the agreed period. This could be anything from reviewing a product online, sharing an Instagram Story, or getting friends to sign up with your code.
Once the campaign deliverables are approved and posted, share with us a screenshot of your social insights so that we can track how well your content has done.
Once you’ve sent through your social insights, we’ll check everything is in order and you’ll get paid! The amount you earn depends on the type of campaign you accept.

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